St. John Ambulance


Develop a series of web videos to raise awareness of the importance of First Aid and CPR Training.

St. John Ambulance has incredible stories that are not always communicated publicly. Finding a way to tell these stories would help promote the positive difference the organization makes in the community.

Share the stories of local lifesavers to highlight the success and importance of St. John Ambulance training programs and encourage others to consider first aid training.

A 4-part web video series to be used on social media, St. John Ambulance’s website, and at conferences and seminars.  These videos can also be incorporated into first aid classes to highlight the importance of the training and the fact that you never know when you might be called on to respond to a life or death situation.

Case Study
St. John Ambulance (NL Council) was successfully running social media pages and their Marketing Manager was regularly creating and posting new content to keep followers engaged. The content mostly consisted of articles and photos, but they believed that incorporating video would allow them to better engage with their followers.

Building on an existing concept, #ReadyToRespond, we worked with St. John Ambulance to identify stories of individuals that were able to assist in emergency situations due to first aid and CPR training.  These lifesaving stories allowed St. John Ambulance to convey the importance of being prepared in life or death situations and how this training could save someone’s life.

The web video series has been popular throughout both Newfoundland and Labrador and the rest of the country. The videos have reached over 23,000 people on Facebook, with 2300 of them directly engaging with the videos.